On behalf of both of us thanks for a great outing, for hospitality, a terrific shoot, and most of all for being a kick ass guide to spend a day with.  It was a fun hunt for sure.
-- Richard Park, 2011


The pig hunt with Conan Egan on his Cloverdale Ranch was a "must do" outing for any avid hunter.  I was lucky to have selected a hunt with him.  There were many bands of pigs spotted on the first evening hunt but most were sows with nice litters of piglets. The sow families did not seem spooky at all. This is a tribut to Conan's herd management.  He only hunts the boars which means that you will always have good numbers of animals on the property.  On the next early morning hunt we spotted a BIG long boar early on and were lucky to harvest him.  As luck would have it the big boar proceeded to head downhill after taking the shot.  At 74 years of age and two artificial knees it was going to be difficult for me to get to him.  Fortunately, Conan was up to the task and all turned out well and plenty of ham, pork chops and sausage are in the freezer.  Conan estimated that this boar ranked in the top three taken on the ranch this year.
The ranch was quite beautiful.  Rolling oak terrain, many, many nice deer to marval upon along with flocks of turkey and coveys of mountain and valley quail. The facilities for an overnight stay with him in town are quite comfortable and pleasant.  A great experience and I hope I can make it again next year.
 I would definetely recommend Conan Egan for your next hunting adventure.
-- Jerry Luthin, 2011
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